Diameter server, what is it exactly?

Diameter is a protocol for new wireless technologies. As a successor of the RADIUS protocol, this new solution is based on TCP designed by the innovative IETF standard development organization and serves to support the AAA architecture. It allows to authenticate network’s users and to deliver messages across the network.

Diameter server, a useful tool

This new protocol provides the basic mechanisms necessary for mobile networks. Indeed, Diameter server can manage errors of call connections, intrusion of external user and optimize the security level. Thus, it makes possible the identification, authentication as well as the location of users of 3G networks and LTE/4G.

Among the possibilities offered by Diameter, one can cite the reference authorization or denial of server connections to some subscribers or the exchange of information on network management. On the other hand, as it is an evolving protocol and application oriented, the authentication procedures, the protocol messages and of course the scope can be redefined at will for the purpose of a new communication channel between a Diameter server and Diameter client.

Software solutions for network management with Marben

Leader in telecommunications software for over 25 years, Marben offers reliable solutions designed for network management. As a result, our company became the partner of major global telecom and internet operators, to name but a few Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard.

Diameter server is one of the software solutions that are the hallmarks of our company. These tools automate tasks and greatly facilitate network operation between all key components of the mobile network.

Thus, if you search for solutions that can satisfy all your expectations on IMS based network, you can rely on the expertise of Marben Products.

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