What is Diameter Ro?

Serving as an interface between the IMS (IP Multimedia System) entities and the OCS (Online Charging System) entity, Diameter Ro allows for online billing of customers. As the Diameter protocol is used among others for the authorization and charging of users it can support many interfaces, including Ro.

Diameter Ro, an effective solution for mobile operators

In mobile telephony, it is common to perform online billing. To do this, development specialists have developed telecommunication application interface designed to make this operation possible. As Diameter is used to authenticate users and give them access to certain services, the regional standardization organizations in telecommunications, meeting within the 3GPP adopted as a reference for their architecture standards LTE (Long Term Evolution of 3G) and IMS. Thus, with other interfaces such as Rf and Sh, Diameter Ro meets the needs created by these new technologies.

Marben Products, a trusted partner

Telecommunication and Internet operators can refer to the experience and expertise of Marben Products. Indeed, each year, the company offers sells more than 40,000 software solutions to facilitate efficient management of telecommunication networks. Thanks to task automation, this concept leads to reduced operating costs as well as reduced time for the resolution of technical problems.

Known for its reliable products, Marben is currently working with many groups working in different sectors like defense, aerospace and PMR industries.

In addition, the company also participates in standardization committees such as ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). To meet its customers located throughout the world, Marben now has offices in Europe, USA and India.

You can also become a partner of Marben Products by opting for its software solutions for monetizing your networks with Diameter Ro.

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