Diameter Rf, for a smooth migration to the efficient offline charging procedure

Diameter Rf is the interface between the Offline Charging Subsystem ( OCS), where the charging information are stored into the network and the Application Server (AS) . It allows various mobile payments for the various services proposed by operators. Diameter Rf has revolutionized the offline charging that was mainly based on CDR with a large collection of various format that restrict the development of new application in the network.

Diameter Rf, a reliable interface to monetize services related to mobility

Many innovations have emerged in the last twenty years in the field of information technology. We saw the arrival on the market of products such as touch pads connected to the Internet or mobile phones classified as smart phones. To function, these devices must connect to networks. But for the operators, the service must be paid at the end. The pay-as-you-use pricing model has been accomplished thanks to the Diameter Rf interface.

Marben offers solutions that enable telecom companies to offer their customers new services related to technological change. To this end, Marben provides software based on Diameter Rf.

Marben, a world leader in telecommunications software

Marben has been working in the field of protocol software development for equipment vendors for over 25 years. Many large vendor groups use Marben products to improve the robustness of their telecommunications infrastructure such as Alcatel Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks, Genband, BroadHop or Ericsson, which have taken advantage of Marben expertise in order to improve their services. In addition, various companies working in the field of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) also use Marben software diameter solutions.

Marben is a global company and a member of several organizations such as the Broadband Forum, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the IMS Forum and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

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