The Diameter protocol, the key component of the Evolved Packet Core

The Diameter protocol has become essential for all media services provided by mobile operators and internet service providers.

Diameter protocol, essential for the use of new technologies

The functionalities of mobile phones that have become part of our daily life are all mostly based on the use of the Diameter protocol within the operator network. Without this technology, no SMS, or MMS, or phone payment or any advanced profitable services would be possible. Similarly, 3G and 4G technologies that contributed to the tremendous growth of the Internet would not have been possible without the Diameter protocol.

The implementation of these increasingly sophisticated features on an ever growing network, in a highly competitive context, requires suppliers to find ever more efficient systems to ensure the satisfaction of all users.

The benefits of software solutions using the Diameter protocol are multiple. First, advanced authorization offers significant differentiator between mobile operator services, and operating costs. Then the use of the Diameter protocol within the application server greatly facilitates the implementation and its possible extension of the most complex services within the mobile operator network.

Marben, a leader in software solutions for telephony and Internet services

With 25 years of successful experience in developing software solutions for managing networks, Marben is positioned as one of the key players in this highly technical domain. Logically, most major telecommunication groups, Internet access providers and other advanced fields such as aviation have already trusted Marben products.

Marben product range is extremely broad, and includes different types of high quality software solutions, all focused on quality and performance. To deploy your network using the best solutions, trust Marben expertise.

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