Diameter IMS, the ideal protocol for an effective and convergent mobile and fix network architecture

The protocol Diameter IMS is particularly used by mobile operators who offer multimedia services. Diameter IMS guarantees authentication and authorization of pay-as-use service within the mobile network.

Diameter IMS, two words for meeting the requirement for efficiency and new mobile services

For an effective mobile network, the phone operators need a solution to control the transmission of information between the subscriber’s multimedia devices and all the equipment that will guaranty an added value service. This service might be as simple as prepaid phone calls or limited calls but it might be much complex with contact sharing, conference call on heterogeneous device. This service must interact with others carriers at both national and international level. To achieve this goal, the majority of IT professionals and telephony use Diameter protocol within a conformant IMS based network.

Diameter IMS provides both the role of authentication protocol and powerful network system ensuring the development of multimedia services. With this innovative protocol, the mobile operators are able to offer services such as VoIP, monetizing discussions between citizens via mobile phones, sending emails or participation in videoconferences through social contact list.

Diameter IMS enables operators to authenticate each subscriber regardless of the type of multimedia service which he uses. It also ensures optimal security during sharing of information and content.

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