Diameter Dx, used to exchange data between the C-SCF and the SLF without concern

Diameter Dx is of great value for telecom operators that runs an IMS based network. It allows them to offer a high quality service to their end subscriber based on an efficient Subscriber Location Function. As a complement of the Home Subscriber Server, the Service Location Function is needed to map user addresses amongst the different HSS that can be used for such network.

Diameter Dx, for better securing the transmission of data

To maintain a high quality of service and continue to provide innovative technologies, telecom operators are obliged to find solutions to address such new IMS architecture. These difficulties are becoming increasingly hard to address, mainly due to the increase of mobile calls and the expectation of the end subscriber. A non-availability of the Subscriber Location function can lead to a service disruption and causes a major outage for the mobile operator. The Diameter Dx stack provider is thus critical as a major building block in such architecture. Its reliability will be the key for its selection.

MARBEN Diameter Dx supports 3GPP TS 29.229, Dx Interface based on the Diameter protocol, Release 7 and Release 10.

Marben, a leader with recognized expertise

Marben offers its clients proven software solutions whose effectiveness is recognized by most major telecommunication companies. These technologies aim to secure data transmission and reduce costs.

In order to allow mobile operators to consistently provide quality services to their customers, Marben collaborates with major players in the telecommunication associations such as the Broadband Forum, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the Internet Engineering Task Force.

European telecommunications companies such as Swedish giant Ericsson, French-US Alcatel Lucent, US corporation GenBand or German-Finnish company Nokia Siemens Networks are also among our customers. Marben thus has a global reach. Each year, 40,000 Marben software solutions are sold around the world.

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