Diameter client, an efficient authentication protocol for the end-user

Diameter client enables efficient management of the authentication within a mobile network.

Diameter client, a reliable telecommunication protocol for securing the network

The concept of security is of paramount importance in the field of telecommunications. To avoid problems of leakage or unauthorized access to the service, professionals use effective security protocol like a Diameter client.

Diameter protocol designed by IETF is more advanced than the famous RADIUS authentication protocol. A Diameter client provides three basic functions namely authentication of each client, allowing access to the services of ISPs or mobile operator and identification of each user in the space and time.

Diameter protocol allows mobile operators to secure the authentication of a mobile into their network and authorized data transmission in regards the service the end user subscribed. It provides among others the improved performance of advanced services in 3G and 4G technologies.

Marben is the supplier of choice in telecommunication network software.

Marben meets the expectations of professionals seeking software solutions for building new IMS service or telecommunication equipment in the Packet Core System. Our company has worked for over 25 years in protocol software design. It is the provider of leading names in the industry like Oracle, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks, BroadHop, or Genband.

Marben offers its customers reliable solutions based on Diameter client. For mobile operators, these solutions provide fast access to the database of all subscribers. The identification of each user becomes easy. Errors in data transmissions are controlled.

To the satisfaction of the most demanding ICT professionals, Marben offers other software able to boost the performance of any Diameter client.

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