Diameter charging, for performing billing services

Diameter charging provides tracking and billing costs per user in real time, from the regular calls supplier and prepaid services to the most advanced 4G data based services. The Diameter protocol is of great importance for companies working in the IMS core network and for any mobile operators in general.

Diameter charging, for billing services reliable

Marben is a company that enjoys the confidence of large groups specializing in telecommunications such as the Finnish-German company Nokia Siemens Networks, French equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent, the US based supplier BraodHop and many others. It also developed on behalf of these firms as well as for defense and PMR software solutions that can optimally manage their private networks as IMS architected networks.

Marben offers each year on the market thousands of products whose function is the offline or even online charging . Be aware that these issues are now recurring because of the high number of mobile users making intensive use of telecommunications infrastructure. In order to help companies to continue to offer their customers new services, Marben accompanies them by offering software solutions based on Diameter charging.

Marben, a company with proven expertise

Marben also offers solutions that optimize bandwidth management through the use of control plane protocols within the network. Our company also designs various software solutions that help solve problems of data transmission efficiency.

Marben has 25 years experience in designing software solutions. We have several engineers and computer scientists who seek to improve protocols use for a faster and a more fluid data exchange in the network of the future.

Marben is participating in several standard development organizations including the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the Broadband Forum, the Optical Interoperability Forum and the Internet Engineering Task Force.

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