The Diameter billing in the service of mobile operators and ISPs

During recent decades, the advance of technology has known extraordinary dynamism. With the arrival of 3G and 4G technologies, methods of billing adapt to an environment where the boundary between IT and the network tends to disappear completely.

The leading telecommunication operators and Internet service providers are therefore forced to adopt a system of billing and pricing integrating new components they have not known before. They need to create new profitable and innovative services based on the new convergent architecture where fixed and mobile are all combined into a sole network.

With Diameter billing, it is possible to handle massive volume of signaling and allow any customer to get an immediate response to his request. Each transaction is authorized in real time and billing services are all available at any time. One platform can accept tens of thousands of connections per second where every connection is more important than the previous one. This is why the importance of Diameter billing is critical for any operators worldwide.

Reliable tools with Marben

Marben is able to offer high-performance software solutions for billing. Rich of its 25 years of experience, Marben sells every year more than 40,000 products. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of large businesses looking for a way to better manage their networks..

MARBEN Diameter billing is an excellent tool to meet the needs of all customers regardless of the volume of traffic to handle in parallel. This protocol avoids any loss of money due to the unavailability of the billing service. For the establishment of a solution based on Diameter billing, Marben is a professional reference.

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