Diameter AAA, to improve mobility

The steady expansion of networks and development of their use makes their modification more complex. Diameter AAA protocol becomes essential to meet the needs created by these new technological advances.

Diameter AAA, the key element of mobile technology.

Today, technological tools such as smart phones and digital tablets have taken such a place in our lives that telecommunications operators are forced to continually deploy innovative services to attract and satisfy their customers.

Indeed, with applications that continue to multiply, the objective is clear being in reach at all time. To ensure that mobility, the Diameter AAA protocol (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) plays a key role: it is the Diameter AAA protocol that transfers information from network to network and therefore allows users to move on long distances from one carrier network to the other without risk of breaking their services.

Diameter AAA protocol covers multiple functions: it enables operators to identify their users – and even customers of others mobile operators – and give them access to services they need, and to get a reliable return on the use of their infrastructure

Trust Marben software solutions to deploy your network

Supplier of software solutions for most major players in the telecommunications sector, Marben is known for its innovative, highly technical and great quality products. As proof, they are tens of thousands of its products that are shipped annually around the globe for use on larger networks

During these 25 years, Marben has offered a wide range of software solutions based on different protocols commonly used in the field of new technologies– like Diameter AAA.

To develop services using Diameter AAA protocol, choose Marben software solutions, renowned worldwide for their performance and reliability.

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