Diameter 3gpp, a protocol used in mobile networks

For accounting, authentication and authorization, mobile operators use the Diameter 3gpp protocol.

Diameter 3gpp, a critical protocol for mobile operator

Diameter is a protocol used in the telecommunication area. Operators have developed it to overcome the limitations of its predecessor, the Radius protocol. In recent years, its performance has been proved with the arrival of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) networks and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standard.

Diameter 3gpp is the protocol used by mobile operators who want to provide advanced Internet services both on mobile phones and computers thanks to its convergence facility. It facilitates the integration of accounting technologies in mobile networks. Such protocol is also used for authorization within the Home subscriber system in order to build intelligent services for the end users. Such authorization is also enforced by authentication mechanism that is provided by such protocols to ensure security for the end user and for the network itself.

Diameter 3gpp knows a renaissance thanks to its adoption into the LTE network. Trust Marben for such innovative building block.

Marben, the software supplier for a quick time to market

Development and implementation of software for optimizing IMS and telecom equipment for telecommunications operators have no secret for Marben. To help you improve your returns, our teams have developed all the interfaces that have been defined by 3GPP based on Diameter 3gpp based protocol. You can then use them to improve performance and completeness of your equipment. We provide ongoing maintenance solutions coming out of our workshops to guarantee total satisfaction.

Thanks to our products and its scalability, you can quickly deploy the equipment you want on a large scale and at lower costs.

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