Convert ASN.1 to ASCII or XML format

Processing of ASN.1 data requires sometimes a different input format than the standard encodings like BER, DER, UPER or PER. It may then be required to convert ASN.1 encoded data into another format like XML or CSV (Comma Separated Values). A typical scenario is the conversion of CDR or TAP3 files with thousands of Call Data Records.

Convert ASN.1 to ease data processing

Marben Products provides several tools to convert ASN.1 encoded data without any code development:

  • The graphical user interface of the ASN.1 Value Editor (ASN1 Viewer/ASN.1 Editor) is able to decode and convert ASN.1 encoded data to XML and CSV. It further offers features for viewing, modifying and encoding of ASN.1 data. Erroneous ASN.1 data can be fixed, re-encoded and converted.
  • The CDR Converter is able to convert ASN.1 from BER encoded data to XML or CSV. It is a standalone tool and can easily be used in batch processing.
  • Both tools are generic and independent of any ASN.1 format. They can be used for proprietary and standard ASN.1 formats. The latest ASN.1 standard is supported.

    Marben Products further provides on the web site an online decoder to convert ASN.1 encoded data for proprietary CDR files and standardized ASN.1 formats from 3GPP (RRC, NBAP, S1AP, X2AP…), ITU-T, ETSI, GSM-Association (TAP3, RAP…) to the XML format. This service is provided for free.

    The ASN.1 Viewer, ASN.1 Editor and ASN.1 Converter are based on the Marben ASNSDK TCE toolkits which are available for C, C++ and Java.

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