CMIP an efficient protocol for network management operations

CMIP (Common Management Information Protocol) and CMIS (Common Management Information Service) have been standardized by ITU-T respectively in X.710 and X.711. CMIP allows communication between a network management system and a network management agent. CMIP is used to exchange management operations or management notifications. CMIP relies on ACSE (Association Control Service Element) and ROSE (Remote Operation Service element).

CMIP offers an object oriented request/response between the agent and the manager applications. Objects are described using GDMO (Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects). The manager and the agent shall share the same GDMO description. The GDMO description defines all the objects with their attributes together with the operations and notifications that can be managed. CMIP is also used for the Q3 interface of the TMN (Telecommunications Management network) model defined in ITU-T M.3000 standards.

CMIP is part of the seven layers of the OSI model.

Marben, a well known telecommunication software supplier

Marben is the worldwide leader of OSI protocol stacks (MARBEN OSIAM). Thousands of our MARBEN OSIAM products are deployed each year. Marben also offers GMPLS, IP-MPLS or Diameter control plane software. These solutions lower the operating cost of telecommunications infrastructure.

Marben is a member of the Optical Internetworking Forum, International Telecommunication Union, the European Telecommunications Institute Standard and the Broadband Forum. Our company has a 25 year experience and a proven expertise in solving problems related to computer networks. Nokia Siemens Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Tellabs and several other companies working in the telecommunication sector trust us.

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