A standard used by mobile and fix/mobile operators

Charging ims or charging in IP Multimedia Subsystem is the main application within the IMS new mobile network. The European 3GPP standard organization had formally organized the interaction of all the function of a Mobile operator. From the Home Subscriber Server considered as the heart of the network to all authentication server or application server all around, the new mobile network is all set for building a profitable network for the carrier with advanced service for the end-consumer. Charging IMS are thus the two main keywords.

Offline and online charging ims

Subscribers of telephone operators can connect to the Internet from their mobile or smartphones through standard charging ims. Network administrators determine their method of payment with such standard. Offline charging ims affects subscribers who pay their bills regularly, while online charging ims affect customers who buy prepaid services. They have to pay a certain amount before having access to the service. To assist you in managing your network, trust specialists like Marben.

Marben develops toolkit for vendors to shorten time to market

Our company has a 25 year experience in software development for telecom operators, including large companies such as Ericsson, Fujitsu and Alcatel-Lucent. By using our teams, you allow your subscribers to easily access the Internet. With charging ims, you can easily determine which services are delivered to each customer.

Marben Products also offers applications for your networks maintenance. You can intervene in a very short time to detect and to repair a fault, which allows your subscribers not to be paralyzed when a malfunction occurs. Moreover, we can also develop custom software according to your instructions.

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