ASN1 Viewer for displaying ASN.1 messages

The ASN1 Viewer is a tool to graphically decode and visualize ASN.1 encoded data in a few clicks. Erroneous data can be fixed after decoding and the re-encoded for further processing. The ASN1 Viewer also offers features to create and convert ASN.1 encoded data.

Users can easily start using the ASN1 Viewer since no programming is required for using the ASN1 Viewer. The decoded data can be visualized in a binary or hexadecimal format. New values can be created from scratch.

The ASN1 Viewer supports the latest ASN.1 standard. It supports the DER, BER, UPER, PER, XER and CXER encoding rules. It processes all ASN.1 formats which are compliant to the ASN.1 standard. The ASN1 Viewer is packaged with pre-compiled ASN.1 formats for immediate usage. No extracting from a standard is required. Among these are ASN.1 formats from organizations like 3GPP (RRC, NBAP, SABP, RANAP, RNSAP, S1AP, X2AP…), GSM-Association (TAP3, RAP…), ITU-T or ETSI.

The ASN1 Viewer is available for Linux, Windows, HP-UX and Solaris. A trial version can be downloaded for free from the Marben Products web site.

ASN1 Viewer for debugging your ASN.1 application

The ASN1 Viewer has been developed with MARBEN ASNSDK TCE products. They offer generic APIs to process all kind of ASN.1 data. The MARBEN ASNSDK TCE toolkits are available for C, C++ and Java and optimized for performance and memory usage. All support the latest ASN.1 standard.

Marben Products offers also an online decoder for the most used ASN.1 formats from 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T. Standard and proprietary CDR syntaxes can also be decoded and dumped to XML. The usage on our web site is free.

Marben Products is specialized in the development of communication solutions. Our team creates high-quality software to allow you to be successful in a highly competitive market. We offer many software solutions based on ASN.1 as well as Diameter and network protocols.

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