ASN1 BER for minimizing the volume of data exchanged

The ASN.1 standard defines a notation for describing ASN.1 messages to be exchanged between systems, and encoding rules to encode the messages before transmission. A set of encoding rules defined by the ASN.1 standard are the ASN1 BER (Basic Encoding Rules). Other encoding rules are DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules), PER (Packed Encoding Rules, aligned (PER) or unaligned (UPER)), and XER (XML Encoding Rules). The result of encoding a user message using ASN1 BER is binary data.

An important application domain for ASN1 BER is the processing of Call Data Records (CDR). They are generated by network switches for different services used by customers of fixed or wireless communication networks. CDR generated during roaming are stored in TAP3 files, an ASN.1 format defined by the GSM-Association.

Efficient and memory optimized ASN1 BER runtime

Marben Products offers different products to create, encode, decode, visualize and convert ASN1 BER data:

  • ASNSDK TCE-C, TCE-C++ and TCE-Java offer APIs for all kind of processing of ASN1 BER data. They are optimized regarding CPU consumption and memory usage.
  • The ASN.1 Value Editor (ASN1 Viewer/ASN.1 Editor) is a graphical tool (GUI) to encode, decode, visualize and convert ASN1 BER data. No programming is required to use it. It is a generic tool and not limited to any particular ASN.1 format. It allows decoding and modifying large CDR and TAP3 files.
  • The CDR Converter converts ASN1 BER encoded data to Comma Separated Values (CSV) or to the XML format. It is a command line tool which can easily be used in batch processing. The CDR Converter converts ASN1 BER data for standardized ASN.1 formats or proprietary ASN.1 formats from network equipment manufacturers.

    In addition, Marben Products offers an online ASN.1 decoder to decode and convert ASN1 BER data from network switches to XML. UPER and PER encoded data for ASN.1 formats from 3GPP (RRC, NBAP, SABP, RANAP, RNSAP, S1AP, X2AP.) or ETSI are also available. The usage of the tool is free. All tools support the latest ASN.1 standard.

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