ASN.1, a powerful notation

ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is an international standard to ease data exchange between heterogeneous systems, regardless of internal representation of data and programming languages. It defines a notation to describe exchanged messages. It also includes a set of encoding rules for encoding the message before transmission. ASN.1 is widely used in telecommunications, for example in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks, but also in other domains like finance and health.

Existing encoding rules are ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules (BER), ASN.1 Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER), ASN.1 Packed Encoding Rules, aligned variant (PER) and ASN.1 unaligned variant (UPER), and ASN.1 XML Encoding Rules (XER), basic and canonical variant.

Aligned and unaligned PER/UPER encoding rules are used by 3GPP and ETSI to define protocols like RRC, NBAP, RANAP, RNSAP, SABP, S1AP, X2AP etc.

ASN.1 BER is used to generate Call Data Records (CDR). Network switches generate them each time a customer is using a telecommunication service from the network operator. Roaming CDRs for international services are generated using the ASN.1 format TAP3. It is defined by the GSM-Association. Call Data Records (CDR) are used for billing purpose of customers.

ASN.1, user friendly tools

Marben Products offers products to decode and visualize, create, modify, encode and convert ASN.1 encoded data:

  • ASNSDK TCE-C, TCE-C++ and TCE-Java are APIs to process ASN.1 DER, BER, UPER, PER, CXER and XER encoded data.
  • The ASN.1 Value Editor is a graphical tool (GUI) for different tasks around ASN.1 data: encoding, decoding, visualization, modifying, fixing and conversion of ASN.1 messages. It is easy to use. No coding is required. The ASN.1 Value Editor is not restricted to a specific ASN.1 format and supports all encoding rules.
  • The ASN.1 CDR Converter converts ASN 1 BER encoded data to CSV (Comma Separated Values) files or to the XML format.
  • The ASN.1 standard is regularly updated to satisfy new requirements. Marben ASN.1 tools support the latest ASN.1 standards. Marben ASN.1 tools can be downloaded for free from our web site.

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