ASN.1 Editor, for visualizing any ASN.1 data

The MARBEN ASN.1 Editor is a graphical tool to easily create, encode, decode, visualize, modify and convert ASN.1 messages in a few clicks. No development is required for using the ASN.1 Editor. Valid and erroneous data can be decoded, fixed and encoded for further processing. Various views for a binary or hexadecimal representation of the data are available. New values can graphically built up from scratch.

The ASN.1 Editor implements the latest ASN.1 standard and supports the BER, DER, PER, UPER, XER and CXER encoding rules. It is a generic tool and processes all ASN.1 format compliant with the ASN.1 standard. The ASN.1 Editor is delivered with a set of pre-compiled ASN.1 formats from organizations like GSM-Association (TAP3, RAP), 3GPP (RRC, NBAP, SABP, RANAP, RNSAP, S1AP, X2AP…), ETSI, ITU-T.

The ASN.1 Editor is further delivered with features to convert ASN.1 encoded data, typically Call Data Records (CDR) or Tap3 files to XML or CSV (Comma Separate Values). The ASN.1 Editor is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX. A free trail version can be downloaded from our web site.

ASN.1 Editor, for speeding up the integration and validation of your ASN.1 application

The ASN.1 Editor is based on the MARBEN ASNSDK TCE products which provide generic APIs to software developers to process all kind of ASN.1 format and ASN.1 data. ASNSDK TCE toolkits are available for C, C++ and Java. They support the latest ASN.1 standard.

Marben Products also provides on our web site an online decoder for the most used ASN.1 formats from ETSI, ITU-T and 3GPP. CDR syntaxes can also be decoded and dumped to XML. The usage is free.

Marben has developed an in-depth expertise in communications for over two decades. We work with leaders worldwide in the communication industry.

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