ASN.1 decoder, for decoding all your ASN.1 data

ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is a powerful technology for data exchange between heterogeneous systems. It defines a notation for describing messages and encoding rules which are used to encode these messages before transmission.

Most common encoding rules are BER (Basic Encoding Rules), DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules), PER (Packed Encoding Rules, aligned variant), UPER (Packed Encoding Rules, unaligned variant), XER (XML Encoding Rules, basic variant) and CXER (XML Encoding Rules, canonical variant).

MARBEN ASN.1 decoder, for efficient decoding of ASN.1 encoded data with a small memory footprint

Marben ASN.1 tools are composed of an ASN.1 Compiler and ASN.1 Runtime including a powerful ASN.1 decoder and encoder. Marben provides ASN.1 tools for development, graphical usage and conversion of ASN.1 data:

  • Marben ASNSDK TCE-C, TCE-C++ and TCE-Java toolkits offer an APIs to access a powerful ASN.1 decoder and encoder. They support all encoding rules and are optimized for performance and memory usage.
  • ASN.1 Value Editor is a graphical tool including an ASN.1 decoder and encoder. It allows visualization and conversion of ASN.1 data without programming. It is based on Marben ASNSDK ASN.1 tools and processes even large CDR and TAP3 files.
  • The CDR Converter converts ASN.1 BER encoded data to XML format or Comma Separated Values (CSV). It includes a generic ASN.1 Compiler and an ASN.1 decoder to convert ASN.1 data.
  • Marben Products further provides a free online ASN.1 decoder for various ASN.1 syntaxes. It decodes ASN.1 syntaxes from organizations like 3GPP (RRC, NBAP, S1AP, X2AP…) or ETSI as well as proprietary CDR syntaxes from different network equipment manufacturers.

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