ASN.1 Compiler, for checking the syntax, the semantic of an ASN.1 description

Generic ASN.1 toolkits are generally composed of two components: an ASN.1 Compiler and an ASN.1 Runtime.

The ASN.1 Compiler compiles the ASN.1 syntax by checking its compliance to the ASN.1 standard. The ASN.1 Compiler check whether the ASN.1 syntax is syntactically and semantically correct and generates different files which are required by the ASN.1 Runtime.

The ASN.1 Runtime offers an API to define ASN.1 messages. These ASN.1 messages can then be encoded and decoded by the ASN.1 Runtime. To do that, the files which are generated by the ASN.1 Compiler are linked together with the ASN.1 Runtime and the user application which used the ASN.1 Runtime services.

MARBEN ASN. 1 Compiler, for developing your ASN.1 based application

Marben Products offers different products including an ASN.1 Compiler:

  • ASNSDK TCE-C, TCE-C++ and TCE-Java are software development toolkits to encode and decode ASN.1 encoded data. They are composed of an ASN.1 Compiler and an ASN.1 Runtime. All the ASNSDK TCE Runtimes support the BER, DER, PER/UPER, XER and CXER encoding rules. They are optimized for performance and memory usage.
  • The ASN.1 Value Editor is a graphical tool (GUI) for encoding, decoding, visualization and conversion of ASN.1 data. No programming is needed for using it. The ASN.1 Value Editor supports all encoding rules and processes all kind of ASN.1 data. It includes a generic ASN.1 Compiler and is not restricted to a specific ASN.1 format.
  • The CDR Converter converts ASN.1 BER encoded data to XML or CSV (Comma Separated Values). It includes an ASN.1 Compiler and a Converter.
  • All Marben ASN.1 tools support the latest ASN.1 standard which is regularly updated to fit new requirements.

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