Accounting Diameter, to optimize the online and offline accounting

Accounting Diameter provides the optimal toolkit to build an advanced offline or even online billing system, deeply inserted inside the Evolved Packet Core of the mobile networks. Its performance enables to think of advanced and dedicated billing methods per service and even per user. Unlimited Call Subscription, limited data subscription, prepaid data transfer, limited download speed, and service payment can be enabled in the IMS core network thanks to Accounting Diameter.

Accounting Diameter, for an optimal monetizing of your network resources

Marben develops technologies that help companies in the telecom sector to meet the challenge of a massive use of their networks. Indeed, the sale of devices connected to the Internet is increasing exponentially. Meanwhile, broadband access to the Internet is becoming more and more common. Extensive use of smart phones and touch pads create new challenge for innovating a pay-per-use model applied to the data or services consumed inside the mobile networks.

The presence of Marben spans several countries. Our company sells each year about 40 000 software solutions, most of them are based on protocols such as Diameter, MPLS or GMPLS control plane protocols. Marben also offers software solutions that use accounting Diameter in order to help providers of mobile services maximize the profit of the resources they effectively provide to their customers.

Marben, a global company

Marben is a firm specializing in the design of software solutions that ease the development of telecom equipment. We collaborate with leading telecommunication companies such as Alcatel Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco, Ciena, Genbands, Oracle, HP and many others. The company is also the supplier of defense and aviation companies. Marben has more than 25 years of experience and continues to develop technologies to make data transmission more reliable, cheaper and faster.

Marben is also a member of various associations such as the Broadband Forum, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the IMS Forum and the International Telecommunication Union.

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