LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor
Easy Processing of 3GPP LTE/UMTS Messages

MARBEN LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor is a graphical tool dedicated to edit and visualize 3GPP LTE and UMTS ASN.1 interfaces.

It is delivered with the latest versions of the most important 3GPP ASN.1 interfaces: TS 36331 (RRC), 36413 (S1AP), 36423 (X2AP), 25433 (NBAP), 25331 (RRC), 25413 (RANAP), 25423 (RNSAP), 25419 (SABP). The interfaces can immediately be used for decoding, encoding, visualization and modification. The included ASN.1 interfaces cover release 8 to 12.

Various 3GPP 25-series and 36-series syntaxes, versions and message types embedded in the MARBEN LTE/UMTS ASN1 Value Editor
Detailed information for types and values in the MARBEN LTE/UMTS ASN1 Value Editor

LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor offers a large set of ready-to-use 3GPP LTE / UMTS ASN.1 syntaxes

User-friendly GUI

All the 3GPP interfaces are perfectly integrated in a user-friendly graphical interface which is optimized for the work with these LTE/UMTS interfaces. The required 3GPP specifications can easily be accessed from popup and main menus. Just choose the corresponding release and version, no need to specify message PDU or encoding rules.

Various Input and Output Formats

The LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor processes binary and hexadecimal files. Decoded data can be copied to external texted based applications like mail or text.

Detailed Information for Types and Values

The LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor displays various useful information for types and values: constraints, optionality, encoding lengths and bit offsets. With the calculated minimum and maximum encoding length it is easy to predict minimum and maximum encoding sizes of a type and a value.

Automatic Value Creation

You can easily create message by choosing among the integrated 3GPP interfaces. Mandatory, optional or extension fields can automatically be initialized.

Advanced Open Type Support

Some of the 3GPP LTE and UMTS interfaces contain open types. The definition and creation of such open types requires advanced knowledge about ASN.1 and is not always straightforward. In order to ease the usage of open types, the LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor offers several ways for their definition: They can be specified by setting the values of the target @notations or by selecting the open type from a list of all available types which then sets automatically the corresponding values for the target @notation.

Immediate Validation of ASN.1 Messages

When modifying ASN.1 messages the LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor validates your entry immediately. This immediate value cheking will save you a lot of time to ensure the new value validity and locate all erroneous values in messages.

Advantages of using MARBEN LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor

The following table summarizes the differences between the Online ASN.1 Decoder, the ASN.1 Value Editor and the LTE/UMTS ASN.1 Value Editor.

Online ASN.1 Decoder
Use online decoder
ASN.1 Value Editor LTE/UMTS Value Editor
Download free trial (*)
Internet access required
Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface
Dedicated for
User interface complexityLowMediumLow
ASN.1 knowledge requiredNot requiredBasicNot required
ASN.1 Decoder
ASN.1 Encoder
ASN.1 Compiler
BER Analyzer
Bitwise Inspection
Hexadecimal Inspection
Message Creation
Number of PDUs1UnlimitedUnlimited
Input Size<500 KBUnlimitedUnlimited
XML Output
CSV output
Message Size Calculation
Block Size & Padding n/a
Search / Replace / Compare / Filter
ASN.1 Value creation and edition
Check of correctness of ASN.1 value
Copy/paste in XML format
Copy binary encoding
Included ASN.1 interfaces from...see website3GPP, ETSI, ITU-T, ECMA, IETFOnly
User ASN.1 Syntaxes
Supported ASN.1 syntaxessee websiteAllOnly
Supported encoding rulessee websiteBER, DER, PER, UPER, XER, CXERThose required for
(*) Free trial version has restrictions and is time-limited.

is the essential tool for saving time
during 3GPP LTE and UMTS integration and validation processes.

Download free trial version of the LTE/UMTS Editor
to discover all its valuable capabilities

System Requirements

MARBEN LTE/UMTS Value Editor is available on:

  • PC Windows
  • Most Linux distribution (RedHat, Suse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora...)

Requires Oracle Java 2 version 1.6 or later.