Marben and FLIR ITS will demo V2X Connected Vehicle applications at next coming ITS World Congress in Montreal

Marben Products and FLIR ITS will offer a Connected Vehicle demonstration using V2X communication between the vehicles and roadside infrastructure. The vehicles and roadside unit will be equipped with a Complete MARBEN V2X software solution to enable V2X safety applications. FLIR’s thermal imaging sensor with embedded V2X platform will detect pedestrian, bicyclists, and other objects to broadcast messages to surrounding intersection and alert drivers of pedestrians. The demonstration will highlight Pedestrian Crash Avoidance; Forward Collision Warning; Emergency Electronic Brake Lights; Intersection Movement Assist; Blind Spot Warning; Left Turn Assist; and Lane Change Warning.


Demonstration Site: Local Streets
Demonstration Reservation: Booth #2026 (Marben) and #924 (FLIR)