MARBEN Diameter v5.0 release

This release of the Diameter Signaling C++ Stack introduces new Diameter interfaces, 3GPP release 8 support, API changes and enhancements.

This section presents what's new in Marben C++ Diameter release 5.0 with regards to the MARBEN C++ Diameter v4.0 release.
Next release is MARBEN C++ Diameter v6.0.

This release introduces new Diameter interfaces, 3GPP release 8 support, API changes and enhancements.
MARBEN DiamX C++ Stack v5.0 Components Overview
  1. New 3GPP Zpn, 3GPP Gxx, and SCAP Diameter Interfaces

    3GPP Zpn
    is the interface between the BSF and the NAF for Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) push procedure. It is used to retrieve the GPI, key material and possibly user security settings data by NAF from BSF.
    3GPP Gxx
    is the interface lying between the Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF) and the Bearer Binding and Event Reporting Function (BBERF). It is used for:
    • Provisioning, update and removal of QoS rules from the PCRF to the BBERF,
    • Transmission of traffic plane events from the BBERF to the PCRF,
    • Transmission of events reported by the PCEF to the BBERF via the PCR.
    Service Charging Application Protocol (SCAP)
    is a vendor-specific application that adds AVPs to the Diameter Base Protocol's accounting commands (ACR/ACA).

  2. 3GPP Release 8 support

    Diameter 3GPP interfaces updated from 3GPP release 7 to 3GPP release 8 in MARBEN C++ Diameter v5.0 are:

    • 3GPP Gx interface as per 3GPP TS 29.212 v.8.6.0 - Dec. 2009
    • 3GPP Ro/Rf interfaces as per 3GPP TS 32.299 v.8.9.0 - Dec. 2009
    • 3GPP Rx interface as per 3GPP TS 29.214 v.8.7.0 - Dec. 2009
    • 3GPP Sh interface as per:
      • 3GPP TS 29.328 v.8.7.0 - Dec. 2009
      • 3GPP TS 29.329 v.8.5.0 - Dec. 2009

  3. API changes and enhancements

    • Enhancements

    In this latest release of MARBEN C++ Diameter, the API has changed in order to manipulate standard C++ types instead of diameter-specific ones. This has impacted the AVP/messages manipulation methods, i.e. interfaces' data factories and sessions.

    The interfaces that benefit from this enhancement are the following:

    • 3GPP Gx Release 8
    • 3GPP Gxx
    • 3GPP Sh Release 8
    • 3GPP Rf Release 8
    • 3GPP Ro Release 8
    • 3GPP Rx Release 8

    Former API versions, when applicable, have also been kept for the sake of backward compatibility.

    • Changes: Java API deprecation

    MARBEN C++ Diameter's Java adaptation layer has been dropped from this release in favour of its native Java sister implementation: MARBEN Java Diameter.

    MARBEN Java Diameter kept the same interface design as the former Java API of MARBEN C++ Diameter. MARBEN Java Diameter's API is with few exceptions source code compatible with the former Java API of MARBEN C++ Diameter. Consequently migration of a Java application written on top of the former Java API of MARBEN C++ Diameter to the native MARBEN Java Diameter will require only minimal effort.

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