MARBEN Diameter v2.0 release

This release of the Diameter Signaling C++ Stack introduces new 3GPP and TISPAN Diameter interfaces and applications, and upgrade to 3GPP Release 7.

This section presents what's new in Marben C++ Diameter release 2.0 with regards to the MARBEN C++ Diameter v1.1 release.
Next release is MARBEN C++ Diameter v3.0.

This release introduces new 3GPP and TISPAN Diameter interfaces.
MARBEN DiamX C++ Stack v2.0 Components Overview
  1. New Diameter Interface

    The most important features this new MARBEN Diameter release brings is the support of 3 new Diameter interfaces. One, Gq, is from 3GPP and the two others, Gq' and e2, are from TISPAN.

    3GPP Gq
    is the interface between the P-CSCF and the Policy Decision Function (PDF) for exchanging information about QoS, resource reservation and other session establishment and policy decision parameters. MARBEN Diameter implements the Gq interface as per 3GPP TS 29.209 v.6.7.0 (rel6) - Jun. 2007
    TISPAN Gq'
    is the interface between the P-CSCF and the Service Policy Decision Function (SPDF). The Gq' interface is used for requesting transport plane resource and admission control for fixed broadband access network. MARBEN Diameter implements the Gq' interface as per ETSI TS 183.017 v.1.4.0 - Aug. 2008.
    TISPAN e2
    allows an Application Function entity of the TISPAN architecture to retrieve IP connectivity related session data from the Connectivity session Location and repository Function (CLF) entity of the Network Attachment SubSystem (NASS). Examples of Application Function that may use e2 interface are P-CSCF in the IMS architecture or Presence Network Agent in TISPAN. MARBEN Diameter implements the e2 interface as per ETSI ES 283.035 v1.2.1 - Jun. 2007.

    With the addition of TISPAN interfaces, MARBEN Diameter aims at supporting the convergence of wireline networks towards IMS.

    MARBEN Diameter adds three new APIs, one for each of the added Diameter interface. The design of these new MARBEN Diameter APIs is identical to the design of the existing APIs, i.e.:

    • Listener, provider and message factory which follow JAIN model for JAVA
    • Application, session and message factory for C++
    • Each of them has a dictionary for describing its own set of command and AVP which can be extended by application programmers to suit particular need.

    These APIs come with sample code of both client and server for quick and easy getting started on the API.

  2. 3GPP Release 7 support

    One of the prominent feature of MARBEN Diameter v2.0 is to update its 3GPP interfaces to support the release 7 of 3GPP for these interfaces in addition with the currently supported 3GPP releases. MD 2.0 supports the following 3GPP release 7 for the following interfaces:
    • 3GPP Sh interface as per:
      • 3GPP TS 29.328 v.7.8.0 - Dec. 2007
      • 3GPP TS 29.329 v.7.5.0 - Dec. 2007
    • 3GPP Cx interfaces as per
      • 3GPP TS 29.228 v.7.8.0 - Dec. 07
      • 3GPP TS 29.229 v.7.7.0 - Dec. 07
    • 3GPP Ro/Rf interfaces as per 3GPP TS 32.299 v. 7.7.0 - Sep. 07

    Unfortunately, 3GGP Release 7 introduced incompatibilities when it added new features and AVP in release 7.

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