MARBEN Diameter v1.1 release

This first release of the Diameter Signaling C++ Stack introduces 3GPP interfaces and applications, as well as features such as high-availability, XML configuration, TLS, multi-FSM and Management Information Base.

Next release is MARBEN C++ Diameter v2.0.

This release introduces 3GPP Diameter interfaces, and feature such as preservation of the application context, easy creation and setting of applications, stack monitoring and encryption of data.
MARBEN DiamX C++ Stack v1.1 Components Overview
  1. New Diameter Interface

    • IETF Credit-Control Application (CCA) as per RFC 4006.
    • 3GPP Cx as per :
      • 3GPP TS 29.228 v.5.18.0 (rel5) - dec. 2006.
      • 3GPP TS 29.228 v.6.13.0 (rel6) - dec. 2006.
      • 3GPP TS 29.229 v.5.11.0 (rel5) - oct. 2005.
      • 3GPP TS 29.229 v.6.6.0 (rel6) - oct. 2005.
  2. High-Availability feature

    The HA feature offers applications a continuous availability in a computer system, in the wake of components failures in the system.

    Accounting Applications can lay on the Applications Contexts Preservation procedure allowing contexts preservation.

  3. XML Configuration feature

    The "XML Configuration" feature offers the user the possibility to get his/her MARBEN Diameter Application's objects to be automatically created from a simple, high-level XML description file.

    This will ease objects' creation by simplifying the user C++/JAVA application code (it will only contain objects references and the code of the usefull callback methods) and enable the execution environment (routes, application parameters...) to be dynamically (re)loaded without recompiling the simplified C++/JAVA application code.

  4. TLS

    The implementation of a secure transport layer for Diameter protocol is recommended in RFC 3588 for securing the Diameter transport.

  5. Multi-FSM feature

    The multi-FSM feature enables a single Credit-Control Client Application (Ro or CCA) to simultaneously run several FSMs.

    This offers a Credit-Control client the possibility to run its Stateful and Stateless FSMs at the same time (in different sessions).

  6. Management Information Base

    The Internet Activities Board recommends that all IP and TCP implementations be network manageable.

    The managed objects must be accessed via a virtual information store. This implies implementation of the Internet MIB (Management Information Base) (RFC-1156).

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