ASN.1 Value Editor
Version 3.0 enhancements

This section presents the new services and the improvements added to the ASN.1 Value Editor v2.2 release.

  1. Immediate feedback after change

    The update of values is immediately taken into account. Each modification is immediately checked and an updated encoding is shown in the Encoded Value view. The consequences of a value modification can then be easily observed.

  2. File and Directory synchronisation

    When a file is open inside the ASN.1 Value Editor, if it is modified by an external tool, the file content will be synchronized. The Browse panel is also automatically refreshed if a modification occurs in a sub-directory.

  3. Improved Open Type support

    In the previous version of the ASN.1 Value Editor the creation of open types was a bit tricky: after setting the target of an @notations the valid object appeared in a list and was available for selection. This required an advanced knowledge about information object classes to get the corresponding values and types from the ASN.1 syntax.

    The ASN.1 Value Editor v3.0 offers now the possibility to choose an object from the list and the ASN.1 Value Editor sets the values for the target @notations automatically. It is no longer necessary to check the ASN.1 syntax for values and corresponding types.

  4. Export to CSV format

    A set of ASN.1 encoded values can now be exported to a text file format (CSV). The CSV format is a common format for storage of data, supported in many applications. Especially, it is suitable for most database loader utilities: The ASN.1 Value Editor can directly convert encoded or decoded files to CSV text file format. The conversion can be done on files already open or not. The format of the values in the CSV output file can be easily customized.

  5. Various GUI improvements

    BER Tag Information

    The Info panel displays the BER tag information of the corresponding selected value.

    Offset Information

    The Info panel displays the offset information in terms of starting byte (starting bit under parenthesis) and ending byte (ending bit under parenthesis) of the corresponding selected value.

    Block size and Padding Byte Information Stored with the Project File

    Some files are written in blocks with each end of block filled with a given padding byte. This information is now automatically stored in the ASN.1 project file (.pra) and used by default for each encoding and decoding using this ASN.1 project file.

    Copying the Encoding from the Encoded Value Panel

    The Encoded Value panel displays the encoding of an ASN.1 edited value. This encoding (hexadecimal or binary) can now be copied to external text-based applications like e-mail, documents, and text files.

  6. Header information handling for decoding a value

    Some files contain header(s) before the ASN.1 values to be decoded. These headers can be located at the beginning of the file (file header) or before each ASN.1 value (message header). With the ASN.1 Value Editor v3.0, the file and the message header size can be specified for skipping.

    Headers defined by the 3GPP standard TS 32.297 can be automatically skipped.

  7. Hexadecimal to Binary converter

    The ASN.1 Value Editor v3.0 includes a hexadecimal to binary converter tool which allows the conversion of a hexadecimal text file to a binary file.

  8. ASN.1:2008 compliance

    The ASN.1 Value Editor v3.0 is now compliant to the ASN.1 standard 2008.

  9. New ASN.1 standard syntaxes support

    New 3GPP Syntaxes

    This release is delivered with new and updated versions of precompiled and ready-to-use ASN.1 standard syntaxes. This includes ASN.1 syntaxes for UMTS and LTE defined by 3GPP.

    New ETSI / ITS Syntaxes

    This release is delivered with precompiled and ready-to-use ASN.1 syntaxes for ITS. This includes syntaxes for CAM and DENM messages defined by ETSI.

    New CDR Syntaxes

    This release is delivered with ready-to-use ASN.1 CDR syntaxes from 3GPP standards and various equipment manufacturers (Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, .).