Who we are

Marben is the global leader of communication solutions for the Telecommunication, Transportation and Automotive markets. For over 30 years, equipment manufacturers and software editors have chosen Marben to embed best-of-breed communication software to optimize...

Our expertise

For over three decades, Marben has developed an in-depth expertise in the development of efficient, robust and reliable communication software. We work with leaders worldwide requiring critical communication software solution that includes...

Standardization Bodies

  • Marben is very excited to announce delivery of US and European based V2X solution to Continental for their global V2X equipment
  • Marben solution is selected for largest European V2X project in Europe called SCOOP. Renault cars will run Marben V2X solution.
  • Marben solution has been chosen by Renesas to build a common offer for equipement manufacturers both for European and US profiles.
  • PSA is using Marben V2X for internal field trials of ITS solutions.
  • Qualcomm is using Marben V2X for german research project on battery reload.
  • MARBEN V2X v2.5 available
  • Availablility of MARBEN V2X in conjunction with the NXP RoadLINK™ chipset
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